Certified Pointing Retriever

EIC clear, EYE CERF clear OFA Hips Good, Elbows, Normal.

This girl has a big motor in the field yet she lives in the house. Her point is natural and unmistakable, she lives to hunt. Mia is apx 53 pounds of speed, she marks well and is very biddable.


Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents


1.5 x GMPR RLK’s Eye of the Tiger “Rock”


 1.5 x GMPR Tiger of Cattail Corley

GMPR Cashzingers Cattail Corley
CPR HPK’s Against the Wind
CPR Rip Roarin Ripsy MPR Devins Yellow Jacket
Heart Breaking Mattie Madison


CPR Black Magic Twiggie

FC, AFC Rebel With a Cause FC AFC Super Pic
FC AFC Ms Chief
MH Aqua Queen Belle FC AFC Watermarks The Boss
Cypress Creek Tanker Belle